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Community and Vocational Projects:
David Fuller, chairman of our Community and Vocational Committee, summarises how we assist the local community:
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Our local activities are often in conjunction with other organisations or reactive to local needs. For example, in recent years we have provided equipment for both Brackley MIND Day Centre and The Hub – Brackley’s youth café.
Projects are often not financial; we provided organisation assistance to a local couple who experienced a traumatic house fire.
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Behind The Scenes...
The face of Rotary is not always seen…
* In recent years we have arranged many volunteers from various local organisations to help man Brackley Beer Festival, a major event skilfully organised by Brackley Round Table. This has resulted in magnificent cheques from Round Table for distribution to the supporting organisations.

* Also in recent years we have helped man the gates for Brackley Motorcycle Festival which gives material support to charitable causes.

* In 2015 we manned the street collection in Brackley for the Marie Curie organisation and the Red Cross collection at Tesco store.
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