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The Bantaba Project
We are supporting this charity formed to
build a community centre in The Gambia, West Africa.
The Bantaba Project's aim is to deliver permanent and sustainable self-supporting teaching, training and community facilities for the people of Gambia of any age and ability.
In essence, the project focuses on helping people to help themselves, empowering communities through education and training workshops, to benefit disadvantaged people in the community by tackling issues of illiteracy, special needs, ill-health and poverty.
The community centre will provide opportunities for learning-skills and developing those skills to produce products and services within identified markets. Resultant trading will be the catalyst for improved living conditions. The project will directly benefit those that participate in the project and their extended families, allowing indirect benefits to spread throughout the village community.
The centre will also accommodate visitors, teachers and students who may arrive to help with the centre to teach their skills or learn about African life at grassroots level.