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Friends of Mithuluni Village
Mark Nyali is a resident of Brackley, living here with his wife Samantha and their two children. Mark was born in Mithuluni, south-east of Nairobi. The Nyali family has founded the ‘Friends of Mithuluni Village’ project and their endeavours motivated Brackley Rotary to provide support.

Brackley Rotary's long term £31,000 project to bring water into the village was successfully completed in March 2016.
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About Mithuluni Village
Mithuluni is a rural village over three hours drive from Nairobi with an estimated population of 2,500.
There is one river which runs on the outskirts of the village providing water for all the community.
Every year the river runs dry between May and October. Villagers, often children, had to dig the river bed to obtain water. Once the water had been collected, there was a walk of one and a half hours back home, transporting the water by donkeys.
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Brackley Rotary's successful project
Brackley Rotary's fundraising events produced a project fund of £11,000. This was supplemented by a grant of £7,500 from our Rotary district and a grant of £12,500 from The Rotary Foundation World Fund. This enabled exploratory drilling to commence. The Kenyan Rotary Club of Machakos kindly co-ordinated the project. Water was found at a depth of 180m in February 2016 and a wellhead, a solar powered pump and storage tanks were installed (photograph above). Almost 2km of piping was laid to the village in trenching dug by villagers.
Brackley Rotarian Norman Jones (photograph above) managed the whole project, overcoming many problems. Very sadly, Norman died suddenly in Brackley at the time of the well's commissioning in March 2016. The village of Mithuluni immediately decided to dedicate the well in Norman's name.

Further information about Mithuluni can be found on the Friends of Mithuluni village website.

If you would like to donate online to help the village please click here to access the Virgin Moneygiving website with the benefit of Gift Aid.
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